Terms and Conditions of Service

  1. Terms of Service
  • The website www.titutelo.eu (“Site”) belongs and is managed by Petal Consulting S.r.l. (“Company”). The use of the site and the provision of the file timestamp services it carries (“Service”) is subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms” or “Contract”), that user (“User”) accepts by simple access to the Site or by express consent where required. The User is therefore invited to read these Terms and / or print a copy for future reference.
  1. Service
  • The Site allows the User to upload one or more digital documents (“File (s)”), in order to generate legal proof of the existence of the File (s) at a certain date.
  • For the sole purpose of the Time Stamping of the uploaded file, this will be made available for download by the User for a defined period of time.Upon expiry of the time set for the availability to download the file, currently established in 7 (seven) days from the upload, this will be definitively deleted from our servers and no longer recoverable.
  • The User must download the archive containing the uploaded file and the .p7s file that certifies the time stamp within the defined term (currently established in 7 (seven) days from the upload).
  1. Company Declarations and Guarantees
  • The time stamp is issued by an accredited Certifier (in our case by ArubaPEC S.p.A.), the Company cannot in any way be responsible for any failure of the agency that issues the time stamp.
  • During the provision of the Service, the Company will in no way be aware of what is included in the File (s); consequently the Company cannot in any way be considered responsible for the possible illegality of the contents of the File (s).
  • The content of the File (s) will be kept secret and will not be displayed in any way, nor will it be displayed and / or disclosed to third parties.
  • The Company suggests as a precaution to protect the content of unpublished works by inserting them in an archive file (zip, rar) and protecting the archive with a password before subjecting it to time marking.
  • In exceptional cases, in compliance with an order validly imposed by the judicial authority, or by the public authorities in general, the Company reserves the right to access the document contained in the File (s), if still available.
  • The Company guarantees the User that the processing of personal data supplied by it is carried out by the Company pursuant to the privacy policy of the Company.
  1. User Declarations
  • The User declares, under his own responsibility:
    • that the personal and identifying data provided by him to the Company is true;
    • that the personal and identification data supplied by him to the Company guarantee a prompt communication by the Company towards the User himself in case of need;
    • to be the author of the work contained in the File (s) that will be / will be uploaded to the Site to be marked by Timestamp;
    • that through the use of the Service is not in any way infringing any other right of intellectual property;
    • that through the use of the Service is not in any way infringing the criminal regulations currently in force;
    • to be aware that the value of the filing of the File (s) on the Site does not constitute notary proof of paternity;
    • that the File (s) loaded / s on the site does not contain / contain in any way sensitive data, as defined by Italian Legislative Decrete 196 / 2003;
    • to be aware that is required to download the archive containing the loaded File (s) and the .p7s file that certifies the timestamp within the defined term (currently established in 7 (seven) days from the upload).
  1. Limits of liability of the Company
  • The Company cannot be held responsible, for any reason, with regards to:
    • financial damages (including, by way of example, any emerging damage , loss of profits, contracts, business or expected savings);
    • loss of goodwill or reputation;
    • consequential or indirect damage suffered by the User in connection with improper use or unaware of the Service;
    • diffusion of the content of the marked file due to independent causes from the Service (ie. Spyware installed on the User’s device).